Who We Are

Suiting Green's Founder and Chief Headache Reducer is Matt Wood.


When we talk about understanding the transition process from the military to the civilian sector, Matt understands this firsthand. As a veteran of over 20 years in the United States Army, he served as an infantryman, a recruiter, leadership academy instructor, evaluator, Equal Opportunity leader, ambassador, and Drill Sergeant. A majority of his military time was spent in high operational tempo organizations where he was responsible for "enforcing American foreign policy abroad." Matt knows the stresses that veterans go through as they transition into the private sector because he went through them himself. He can leverage his experience as an operations and project manager, team builder, leader, and trainer to the benefit of your business by translating military experience into terms more aligned with the corporate environment.


During his military career, he trained hundreds of professionals allowing them to increase their potential as leaders, not only in the military but in their communities after their service. Through service on three continents, and across the United States, he understands the veteran culture and language because it was his "primary language" for more than two decades.

After leaving the military service, Matt went to work in corporate America for a Fortune 100 company in sales, business analytics, and workforce management roles. It was during his time in the private sector that he came to realize there was a knowledge gap between corporate America and the veteran community when it came to translating military experience and how to effectively leverage this experience to increase the ROI for those businesses who hired military talent. While it is no secret that America appreciates all our military does, finding meaningful employment for the 230,000 veterans who leave the military every year may not be the easiest thing for businesses to do for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, this knowledge gap has created a culture of companies that are "Military Friendly," but not necessarily "Military Ready." This was where Suiting Green was born.

If your business has a desire to employ military veterans or military spouses, but has some concerns about how to go about doing so, questions about the benefits of hiring veterans, whether or not military veterans or spouses will be a good culture fit for your company, how to translate military experience, or what questions to ask of these candidates during the hiring process, Suiting Green can help with this. We can also assist with developing veteran employee resource groups that will increase your employee engagement. This results in significant savings to your company by reducing turnover from underemployed and disengaged employees. We want to find employment that is not only beneficial to the individuals you want to hire, but to your organization as well. While we are not a staffing company, our desire is to assist you with emplacing veterans and military spouses in positions of potentially increasing responsibility in your business.

Taking the steps to understand the military community and what they can bring to the benefit of your organization can earn a "Military Ready" Certification for your business and help pave the way for your company to hire more top-quality candidates.


Suiting Green is proud to be a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business, as well as being a member of the South Lake Chamber of Commerce, and the Florida Association of Veteran Owned Businesses.
Suiting Green was also featured on H&F Redefined.

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