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What is Our Why?

Suiting Green exists because there is a knowledge gap between the military community and corporate America. It's not an intentional gap, but an accidental one. America's military does an amazing job of accomplishing its sole purpose: "to defend our country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic." Unfortunately, it does not do a good job of helping civilian employers understand how the skills, knowledge, and experience people learn in the military translate into something that makes sense for our civilian peers. Companies see military service on a resume and think infantry-type jobs involving guns, shooting, and violence. Service members also don't help themselves when we cannot effectively describe our military service to someone outside of the military community. This leads to frustration on both sides because it's like a native English speaker trying to talk to someone who only speaks Swahili. Companies miss out on top-tier talent, and the military community struggles to find purposeful employment outside of the military bubble. 

We are here to help companies. Consider us a Rosetta Stone that can speak your language, but also speak the language of the military. By working with us, we will help you bridge the knowledge gap and create successful, effective, and strategic military hiring programs that will save your company money, streamline your onboarding processes, develop solid career mapping plans, increase employee engagement, and boost your retention numbers. We want to make life better for both sides of the employment coin because we've seen both sides of the coin and know how to help your company become better, stronger, and Military Ready!

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Suiting Green Consulting's mission is to help companies build effective military hiring programs that are intentional and strategic, and benefit not only our clients, but the people they hire.

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Our vision is to create a world where the military community is valued not just because they wore a uniform, but because they bring skills, knowledge, and experiences from the military that are valuable to civilian employers. We envision a world where "Thank you for your service," is more than just a checkmark on some corporate social responsibility slogan bingo card,  but has sincere intent behind it when it comes to hiring from the military community. Because when it comes to hiring from the military talent stream, hiring better is hiring smarter.

Image by Paul Skorupskas
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