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Suiting Green is proud to partner with the following organizations:
VEI Logo.png

Whether you’re a veteran looking to explore an idea for a potential business or need help scaling your existing company, VEI's mission is to empower and support veteran entrepreneurs through business guidance, education, and mentorship.

The Alpha Coaching and Consulting.png

When you were in the military, everything made sense. (Well, for the military anyway.) The Alpha Coaching and Consulting is an organization dedicated to the pursuit of solving the issues with the military to civilian transition.

TOS Coaching.png

TOSPC exists to provide training and ongoing coaching that prepares participants to take and pass the only professional certifications in the Resilience Building Leadership Program building resilient, professional leaders.


HR-4U is on a mission to remove the roadblocks that prevent people from finding living wage employment. By highlighting leaders that promote equitable hiring behaviors and sharing narratives of the impact created by these behaviors, we will create a signal beacon for others to follow.

The Catalyst Program.png

The Catalyst is a unique program for military Veterans that provides a holistic approach to the military transition that centers around the individual. One of the most important aspects of The Catalyst, and what separates them from the other military transition programs, is that the individual defines their own success - The Catalyst does not define it for them.

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