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Unconventional Wisdom: The Counterintuitive Approach to Military Hiring Programs

Are you ready to break free from the "ho-hum" traditional hiring practices and achieve extraordinary results with military talent? Explore the world of unconventional wisdom in our latest blog post.

In this article, we uncover the counterintuitive perspectives that have led companies to outshine their competition through military hiring. Learn how embracing unique strategies can transform your approach to talent acquisition.

What You'll Discover:

  • How a counterintuitive approach can revolutionize your organization's success.

  • Stories of companies that defied the norm and achieved remarkable results.

  • The unconventional elements of our Boot Camp for Business workshop.

In today's competitive business environment, success often hinges on adopting unconventional strategies and "thinking outside of the box." One such strategy involves reimagining your talent acquisition process by considering former military professionals and military spouses as your untapped resources, a counterintuitive approach that can truly revolutionize your organization's path to success.

Conventional hiring practices sometimes undervalue the skills and experiences brought by these exceptional individuals. Recruiters and hiring managers may not understand military terminology, the varying scopes of responsibility that come with military service, or reasons for gaps in employment that can be prevalent on military spouse resumes. However, embracing the counterintuitive approach means recognizing that military veterans and their spouses often possess qualities that go beyond what appears on their resumes. These attributes include adaptability, resilience, leadership, and a global perspective, honed through years of military service and life challenges.

Unfortunately, most of these individuals have grown up with a "we versus me" mindset where they perceive success by what the team achieves and humbly refuse to seek recognition for what they've done. This makes it challenging when it comes to resumes and interviews because they are looking back at what their organization or team did instead of what their unique part of that accomplishment was.

By throwing out the traditional recruitment norms, utilizing a talent mindset driven by hiring for talent and character instead of what's on a piece of paper, and focusing on the unique strengths of this talent stream, your organization can unlock a wellspring of capabilities, dedication, and innovation that can propel you to new heights of success. It's about realizing that sometimes, the most remarkable achievements come from those you least expect, and by thinking differently about your workforce, how you attract and hire them, and how you engage them, you can secure a competitive advantage that sets your organization apart.

The annals of corporate history are replete with inspiring stories of companies that have not only defied the norm but thrived by embracing former military professionals and military spouses in their workforce. These remarkable tales serve as powerful illustrations of how thinking differently about which talent stream you fish from can lead to exceptional results.

Consider Microsoft, a tech giant that has actively committed to hiring from the military community. Through their Military Affairs program, they've provided countless hours of training and resources to help veterans transition into civilian roles, and this isn't limited to roles within their company, but other companies as well. This initiative not only supports those who've served but also brings to Microsoft a rich pool of dedicated and skilled individuals who've made significant contributions to the company's innovation and success.

Similarly, Starbucks has been a pioneer in hiring military spouses. Their commitment to offering flexible work arrangements has created opportunities for these spouses but has also significantly enhanced the company's diversity and inclusion efforts. By valuing the unique experiences and skills military spouses bring to the table, Starbucks has not only embraced a more vibrant workforce but has seen tangible benefits in terms of productivity and engagement.

These are just a couple of stories that underscore the fact that success often lies in thinking outside the traditional hiring box and recognizing the incredible value that the military community can bring to your organization. By looking to these unsung heroes and developing an intentional and strategic military hiring program, you open doors to untapped potential that can take your company to remarkable heights. Our Boot Camp for Business workshop is not your traditional military-themed workshop filled with war stories and how combat experiences will provide you with better leaders or physically challenge you through a Navy SEAL "Hell Week" type of stress. We won't overwhelm you with tired cliches about the military, or how you absolutely need to hire from the military community. What we will do in four hours is provide you with a knowledge foundation of military culture, values, scopes of responsibility, terminology, and benefits that will help set your company up for success when it comes to building, strengthening, or improving your company's military hiring program. We will also provide you with tips and tactics that can be implemented immediately to integrate the former military professionals and military spouses already within your company to assist in your hiring and onboarding processes, and increase your employee engagement.

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